Autumn has been - and pretty much gone. The Scottish Borders has had so much wind recently, including two storms. So, as soon as the leaves turned gold they were blasted off the trees. However, after the very hot summer we had followed by some damp weather, the fruit on the trees and roadside bushes have been glorious.

dog rose rosehips scottish borders


Rosehips were more abundant that I have seen them in years - big, glossy, and juicy.

hawthorn berries scottish borders

Likewise, the hawthorn and elders were laden and the brambles (or blackberries) equally so - except for the bottom branches where only stalks remained. I suspect the badgers have been helping themselves to the brambles on the bottom branches.

brambles blackberries autumn scottish borders

It is wonderful. This time of year always inspires me to paint. I love the colours - greens morphing into golds, reds and browns. But before the golds of the trees we had the golds of the fields and harvest. I managed to paint a few little harvest themed miniature watercolours and surprised myself by how vibrant they turned out.

harvest watercolour miniature paintings