Paper beads and silk cords

Update June 2023:

I had to stop making my paper beads last year due to problems with my hands. I would like to thank all my lovely customers who bought and used the beads. It was a wonderful time for me and brough me lots of exciting opportunities. My silk cords are still available on Etsy at this time.

For those who have been following the craft side of my work, you can now find my full collection of paper beads and silk cords in my Etsy shop. Due to space constraints I have not been able to keep my full inventory of paper bead designs on my web site for some time. So they have all been kept in my Etsy shop. The way the world is changing (fee increases, postage price rises and taxes) means that selling the beads is becoming less viable. As a result, I am not sure how much longer I will keep making them available. If you fancy taking a look at the current designs then you can click here and you will find them in the Paper Bead or Silk Cord sections.