Creative journal of an artist and craftsperson

Frost in the Scottish Borders

If you have dropped by my 'About Me' page then you will have gathered that I am an avid artist and crafter who lives in Scotland. The Scottish Borders to be precise. Every day I am surrounded by wonderful sights and curious sounds. The weather is ever changing and with it the countryside. It would be hard not to be inspired by what I see.


Butterfly in Scottish Borders

I have kept a blog of my creative pursuits (all of them) since 2006 and for many years I kept an offline nature diary that documented the changing seasons and my encounters with the local wildlife. A second journal has some illustrations of flora and fauna and the photographs I have taken are without number. It wasn't until I came across the journals on a bookshelf that I realised how much information I have collected over the years.


Pencil drawings of British wildlife


Assuming you are here because you like art, wildlife, animals, the countryside, creativity or are just interested in new things, I will start to share some of my insights here in my online journal. It will include photos, sketches and paintings, notes on the changes I have seen over the years, a few photos of the countryside I live in and some of the creative work I do. I hope you will pop back again and see what has been going on.


Rabbit hand painted on an oval wooden bead