Introducing my companion in adventuring

On more than one ocassion I have been asked why I don't have my own domain for my web site. I did have one for a couple of years but ended up wrangling with my domain supplier over both information and money. l was not comfortable with that and, for some strange and unknown reason, could not get the domain moved to another supplier. So I decided just to drop the domain. We won't talk about all the business cards I had with my domain on. What has the following picture got to do with domains?

Indy the rottweiler

The beauty of using the current web address from Indiemade is actually more relevant to my life as an artist. My sister has a dog that I spend a lot of time with. And her name is Indy (slightly different spelling but who's counting?). She shares a lot of my adventures while I am out in the countryside, often alerting me to some new happening that I have not noticed. She certainly makes things more fun on the days when the wind is blasting and rain threatening. 

Rottweiler in the country

Not that she is keen on the bad weather. She refuses to go out if it is too wet and windy. But on the good days we have tramped over fields and moors, thorugh wood, rivers and large quantities of mud and discovered new places together. She even stops and waits for me when I want to take a photo or sketch. I consider myself very lucky to have such a well behaved wildlife companion to share the fun with.

Rottweiler having a paddle