February 2020

Introducing my companion in adventuring

On more than one ocassion I have been asked why I don't have my own domain for my web site. I did have one for a couple of years but ended up wrangling with my domain supplier over both information and money. l was not comfortable with that and, for some strange and unknown reason, could not get the domain moved to another supplier. So I decided just to drop the domain. We won't talk about all the business cards I had with my domain on. What has the following picture got to do with domains?

Indy the rottweiler

Is it really winter?

So, it's winter. Not that you would know it. There has been a distinct lack of snow and cold weather. We had some snowfall this last week but it did not lie, the closest lying snow being in the hills. However I did take the opportunity to prance about in the falling snow with Indy, who also found it great fun. One never knows when the next snow will happen.

Scottish borders hills in snow